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The Game. well it’s rigged….imagine that

Our system of government is rigged, and it’s rigged against those who it’s suppose to serve.

For the moment, take the liberal and conservative politics out of the equation.  Imagine a place with a booming economy.  People have jobs, and the job market favors the seeker.  People have fair wages simply because the job market demands them.  People have money enough to pay their bills, tithe as appropriate, and to contribute to the cause that interests them.

It’s a rosy place, where on the whole people are happy.  Now back to reality, the reality is, our system of taxing is killing the American dream.  We have income, death, gasoline, telecommunications and so many more taxes I can’t begin to list them all here.  This is to fuel the government who has lost its way, and believes that the people can’s survive without their food stamps, unemployment insurance, and the bushel basket of other entitlement program proceeds.

Hogwash, all this taxing has cause a significant slowdown of the economy.  I personally don’t want the government to be the savior of the people.  That’s the role of charity, and charities operate much more effectively than any government program.  They keep their eye on the numbers, they promote their service to prospective donors, or a better run charity will take their place.  What we need is for the government to get out of the charity business.

I would like to submit this idea, as a replacement for the current run government.  I personally like the “Fair Tax” proposal, which can be found at  and would like to suggest that it be modified slightly to make as close to impossible to raise the tax rates as possible through a requirement of a super majority of both the House and Senate.  Additionally, I would like to see a balanced budget agreement which allows some slack, but if the budget isn’t balanced in 24 months, the president must reduce expenditures in the third year to excise the previous two years of red ink.  Much like what Gov. Christie did in New Jersey after taking office.

Here is why I think this is important.  Washington is addicted to OPM (other peoples money), and their addiction is so strong they are choking the life right out of the American Dream.  By forcing the government to live within their means, the only way to get to spend more money is to grow the economy.  That’s the path to the American Dream, and I hope you will check out the Fair Tax website.



Sometimes you just have to be right…..

Tonight I was listening to one of my favorite conservatives, Bill Whittle’s Stratosphere lounge on YouTube.

He got me thinking and like other times I listen to him, I noodle for several hours after trying to put it all together.  His latest offering touched on the Electoral College, and without going there, let’s just say his discussion was the seed to this post, “Sometimes you just have to be right.”

In the liberal world, you don’t have to be right, if the theory doesn’t pan out, we’ll just modify it and keep on trucking.  It’s that logic which has produced the world’s largest social experiment, the great Welfare program.  You see, under the welfare program charter, you only have to intend for good.  In the business world, you actually have to deliver or you will quickly go out of business.  Our capitalism hating liberal friends have the luxury of sitting in the cheap seats, and playing Monday morning quarterback.

In the business world, they are few leaders who don’t sweat payroll, the business model, sales, and profits (if there are any).  Of course for the business leader, they are intertwined, but take almost any liberal, and they become separate entities, with profits being the universal enemy.  I personally know few who have ever been in the drivers seat, fewer yet who have had any real skin in the game.  It’s because of this lack of experience, that many are willing to elect a community organizer to the most powerful position in our society.

You see, Barack has never held any meaningful leadership positions.  He’s never had to make real decisions, and the many he made as a Senator were simply to vote “Present” and not to take a real stand on issues.  Business leaders have far too much skin in the game.  They lose sleep over making payroll, paying their suppliers, delivering their products, and lest we forget, trying to stay current on all the government regulations the idiots in Washington pour down our throats (let alone the wannabees in the local governments).

Real leaders lead by example, by making tough decisions, how many to lay off so the business will survive, and then living with the decision to ruin someone’s life when they take away a paycheck.  Liberals feel that it is the duty of producers to pay for all the social programs which have no hope of working, to pay for the artist who can’t sell his wares, to pay everyone’s health care and in the process destroy the best health care system on earth.  You see, it’s easy when you don’t have any skin in the game, you can make all the mistakes you want, and never worry about the consequences.

Business leaders don’t have the luxury of being wrong……..


Vote Carefully in NOVEMBER



Feel Ganged up on? I do…..

One of my favorite sayings is “Liberals want me to shut up, and I want Liberals to keep talking”.  It’s profound on a couple levels.  One, I firmly believe in their right to free speech, and have given 10 years of my life to defend it for them, and the more they talk the sillier they sound.

Over the last 40 years or so, the liberals in this county have slowly chipped away at our liberties.  I remember the Eco-terrorists who would strap metal to trees so they would injure loggers.  Or, the anti-gun lobby who’d gladly take my guns so they would feel safer.  Although I am not a smoker, and really hate the smell of smoke, my preference was to no go to a restaurant which didn’t allow smoking inside.  They got my business rather than some smoky greasy spoon.  How about this, you can’t buy a large soda in New York because it contains TOO much sugar.

Each of these examples illustrate the will of the minority influencing the government to be their “big brother” and smash liberty in this country.  Lets pass a law to corral the bad people at the expense of liberty.  It’s an all to often occurrence today.  Or maybe we should pass a law so that people who don’t put seat-belts on their pet will receive a $1000 fine.  That will fix it.

I’d just like to tell my liberal friends, enough already.  If your argument is strong enough, sway people through persuasion not force.  Liberty is about personal responsibility.  Don’t kill other people.  If you are worried about your health, don’t smoke, drink to excess or consume too many sodas.  Seems like this can be handled on the personal level instead of getting our overly eager big brother in the game.

Why Eating the Wealthy matters…..

We have heard the Democratic Party expound on the need to take more of the wealth away from the rich.  Even Warren Buffet seems to think he’s not paying his fair share.  Then there are the Hollywood nut jobs who open their houses and raise 15 Million (with an “M”) in one night to keep their beloved President well funded for the next campaign.

You have to wonder sometimes what the fallout will be of taxing the rich.  Just today I read that one of the Co-Founders of Facebook is taking the tax code into his own hands by RENOUNCING his United States of America citizenship for a passport from Singapore.  Yes, Singapore.  It seems over 1700 wealthy Americans have traded their tax burdens for new passports last year alone.  It’s hard to fathom that the poor are flocking here, and the wealthy are slinking away, not because they necessarily want to or need to, but because the upcoming tax increases make it a requirement.

This country was founded on Capitalism, and it seems that over the years, the politicians, ALL the politicians have slowly but surely stripped the rights of ownership away from it’s citizens.  Need a refresher, how about General Motors, where the lawful owners had their property STRIPPED by a swipe of  Obama’s pen.  To make it even worse, it was simply a payoff to the Unions who funded much of his election effort.  How about Chrysler, who is now 51% owned by Fiat, again made possible by Obama’s pen.

Politicians in this country have this mistaken understanding that they “the chosen ones” are the only people smart enough to manage the wealth of this country, and I hate to break the bad news, but their record to date isn’t all that stellar.  Obama presided over the first ever downgrade of the US credit rating.  In his first 3 years, Obama has racked up more debt than ALL the previous presidents COMBINED. Reports vary, but I have seen some touting as many as 2.2M people have lost their jobs under Obama, and to be fair some were a hysteresis left over from Bush, but the recovery could have been much stronger had spending been reduced and Obama Care not passed.

And on the subject of health care, are we really going to be better off having government panels making the rules?  For those old enough to remember “ma bell, I submit that had we not deregulated the phone company, we’d all still be using princess phones.  Need another example of the government controlling an industry, try the Post Office.  You want the same folks who manage to lose your mail to manage your health care?  I’ve personally been on government health care, and it took me over 24 hours to see a physician when presenting with STROKE symptoms.  Hope you’re not in a big hurry the next time you visit the ER.

I submit it’s time to educate Americans on the meaning of Capitalism and vote to restore it.  Want to know more about Capitalism I strongly suggest you consider subscribing to PJ Media on youtube, and especially to Bill Whittle and Alfonzo “Zonation” Rachel as their insights are exceptional.





What a Class Act

Many of you who know me also know I support a variety of charitable events in the greater Phoenix area.  Some are big from a participants standpoint, and others big because of the area or distance covered.  I have worked events such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure  which in it’s best years attracted nearly 50,000 runners/walkers who “Race for the Cure” of breast cancer.  I have worked the MS Best Dam Bike Ride which covered 150 miles from Phoenix to Parker Dam on the Colorado river.  In support of events like these, I donate not only my time, energy and equipment needed, but incidental costs like gas and in some cases lodging.  I am rewarded with a warm fuzzy feeling that makes me proud to serve.

Last year and again yesterday I heard about an event which I wish was close enough that I could take the time to support it directly.  It’s called the W100K or Warrior 100K.  It’s a mountain bike ride that is 100 kilometers long in Texas.  Proceeds directly benefit our wounded warriors.  Being prior military, it’s a cause I feel very strongly about.  I am surprised that the event doesn’t garner more main stream media attention but I guess deep down, it’s a subject the press only reports on if it suits their agenda, and getting warriors help probably rates fairly far down the list.  You know it might be that the naming sponsor is the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  We all know that GW isn’t exactly the poster boy for the MSM unless it’s to degrade his presidency.   Fox News of course covered it, but an unsuspected MSM exception is CNN who did cover the event, and who’s interviews are posted on the W100K website.

The W100K is a two day ride where 20 servicemen and women who were wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan ride with President Bush ride through Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas.  I am impressed with the caring that President Bush has for these MEN and WOMEN who have suffered very traumatic injuries in the line of duty.  I tip my hat to each and every person who took on the challenge, and found a way to dig deep and finish a very difficult ride.  I am also proud of our President who down plays the attention and instead digs deep to personally support these fine men and women through an event that I believe touches each and every participant at their very core.  He touches them in a way which can’t be done with money or words, he rides every single kilometer in solidarity with them.  In my book, his deeds speak volumes.   I encourage you to visit their website, to watch the videos there, and if so moved, find it in your heart to contribute to this exceptional cause.

BRAVO ZULU President Bush

Fox’s coverage:

For more information, please visit:

What’s My Line

Back long ago when I was a really young boy there was a show my parents loved to watch called “What’s My Line”.  There was a panel who would try to guess what someone did as an occupation or if famous their identity.  Interestingly, it ran for 17 years,  and I am sure my parents were hooked on it before I graced them with my presence in the middle ’50s.  The fact I can remember that show is amazing in it’s own right.

I thought today I would see if I couldn’t tempt you with some interesting quotes and see if you could be my substitute panel and do the guessing for me.  Today’s contestant is a famous person, she’s known nationally, and I am guessing you should be able to figure this out in short order.

“I am a graduate of the University of Florida where I received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Arts.”

“I was the President of the Student Senate, and went on to be the President of the Graduate Student Council”

“I was elected to my first government office at age 26 the youngest to hold such office”

“I left office when I became term limited and ran for the other house of the Florida State Government and won”

“I am Pro-Choice, Pro-Gun Control and Pro-Gay”

“In my first national election I out spent my competition 40 to 1 ($1.2M compared to $30,000) to win” – A sign of my future fiscal capabilities.

“I said this on “Face the Nation”: “The Republicans have a plan to end Medicare as we know it. What they would do is they would take the people who are younger than 55 years old today and tell them, ‘You know what? You’re on your own. Go and find private health insurance in the health-care insurance market. We’re going to throw you to the wolves and allow insurance companies to deny you coverage and drop you for pre-existing conditions. We’re going to give you X amount of dollars and you figure it out'” – FACT checkers later confirmed it was false

On CNN I said:  “You have the Republicans, who want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws and literally — and very transparently — block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote for Democratic candidates than Republican candidates.” – REALLY, Can you say Voter FRAUD??

“I said this; At a time when our moral standing in the world has been weakened by a rubber stamp Justice Department that placed the Bush Administration above the law, we now need someone who is objective and independent. And, make no mistake, Eric Holder is independent.” – Holder is now being sued for contempt of Congress for Stonewalling the “Fast and Furious” investigation.

And I am credited with this quote: “Democrats are going to proudly run on the fact that we turned the economy around. It was our policies under President Obama’s leadership through the Recovery Act, through investing in the automobile industry.” – Investing in the automotive industry…..Would that be where shareholders had their stock stolen by the President?

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  For an entertaining look at me debating Paul Ryan, here is link:


Ms Schultz is the epitome of the hate speech coming out of the Democratic Party.  Issues are misrepresented and often as not just outright lies.

We’ll have a chance in November to make a change in the leadership of the country, and I hope you will join with me to make it a MAJOR CHANGE.


In 2012 Help us go GREEN by recycling


Real Leaders don’t read polls, they change polls ~ Gov. Chris Christie

If it’s not clear, I support conservative ideals.  Our government is out of control and we’ve racked up 15 trillion dollars in debt.  That’s TRILLION with a “T”.  It’s a number that is so huge it’s impossible to visualize.  The conservative leadership has clearly not only lost it’s way, but more importantly, it’s lost it’s ability to vocalize our values and how these values will make life better for America.

Right now we have nearly 48.5% of the American public who are on government life support in one way or another.  For some it’s food stamps, for a lot it’s unemployment insurance and for the many of the rest, it’s social security and associated programs.  That’s a huge number of folks who tend to vote to keep the gravy train on the tracks.  It’s like the elementary class who voted for the class president because she promised “Ice Cream” even though she had no plan to actually provide it.  It’s the Ice Cream Message which seems to keep the train rolling on the tracks even though we all know the tracks will abruptly end somewhere, and sooner rather than later.

Conservatives know we can’t stay on this path much longer.  These socialistic programs serve only to increase the numbers of people who will vote for the gravy train at the polls.  At our house when times got tough, we downsized.  We moved from a 13oo sq. foot house to an 800 sq. ft. apartment.  We sold what we didn’t need and donated much of the rest.  The office shares duty as the dining room and the living room now serves both as a place to watch the idiot box and where I put words to paper (well, where I train electrons to make words).  It’s not pretty, but it is functional.  The point isn’t that we have sacrificed, but that we recognized if we didn’t downsize our house would be a collection of refrigerator boxes under a bridge, and we wanted to have a bit more comfort on those almost cold desert nights.

We saw the train was going to come off the tracks, but it seems that many of us just feel like if the government would just pour more money into the problem we’d all be eating Ice Cream.  Governments get their money by demanding a fee from everyone who contributes to the economy.  That’s workers, corporations, and even mom & pop business.  Everyone contributes to the engine.  The problem is our engine consumes more than we can afford to pay into it.  The liberals want to tax the millionaire more.  Is that the real solution?  It’s really just math, and the math says that if we took ALL the money from ALL the richest Americans, we couldn’t run the government for the year.  Clearly, if we took all their money, it is a good bet they would quit or leave.

Leaders have the ability to get people to follow their ideas.  Good leaders can do this more than once.  Great leaders can project their ideas to the masses which such clarity that people not only follow but pick up the torch and lead others.  We’ve seen these great leaders over the centuries in our country, but I have only experienced one.  That was Ronald Regan.  Ronnie as he’s often called was a talented man, so talented the liberals often try to co-op his leadership and suggest their vision is a result of his great vision.  It’s amusing while being sad, sad they can’t sell their own ideas.

An up and coming leader is Governor Chris Christie.  I have been following the Governor on YouTube and find he has something that most of our Presidential candidates lack.  Gov. Christie is able to articulate his ideas in a clear and confident manner.  He can speak to his ideals without a tel-prompter because they he feels them from the heart, and his heart is focused on being better regardless of the political cost.  In many ways I see Ronnie in his approach, it’s about the goal not the office.  I guess that’s the reason I have come to respect his as much as I have.

The link below is a speech he gave at Harvard, and I have to say, it’s revealing at the amount of support his audience gave his on a speech for education reform, something that I believe he has hit a home run on.  I don’t know that he’s got all the elements right, but I think he’s on the right track and if successful, he’ll have had a tremendous impact on our country.

The Grand Experiment in Health Care

I have been involved in many flavors of health care.  In my early adult days, the Navy provided me with health care, and because I was young and healthy and didn’t manage to get hurt often, about the only thing they got to fix were couple broken collarbones, and some stitches in my calf.  In and out care, with little or no follow on care.  I got what I needed, and tried in general to stay out of their offices.

When I separated, I quickly went to work at Motorola, and they offered a variety of health plans which I sampled over the 15 years I worked there.  I spent time in a couple HMOs and discovered one was pretty good (and went out of business), and the other I had a had time seeing the same doctor, and in fact, I mostly saw Physician’s Assistants.  There was no continuity of care other than the quality of the notes in my medical record.  Costs to the patients were low, as was the level of care.  I was young, and other than blowing a knee bicycling, I had few issues.  The knee was repaired, but because I changed providers during the annual selection which was in August, followup care in January was far more expensive than I had anticipated.

When I left Motorola, I started with PPOs, one doctor who would then recommend appointments with specialists.  Better, but the patient often needs to pay twice for the office visits.  From my perspective, I prefer them, but again, there is waste in the system.  I have seen several specialists for my joint damage I did in my youth.  In general, they have been good, but again, because they ultimately work for the insurance company, the treatment options are limited, and often not fully discussed.

Currently, I am unemployed, and I have been getting my health care from the VA due to my military service.  Some aspects of the VA care is great, but other aspects are stupid.  For example, I cut my blood pressure pills in half because some idiot bureaucrat thought is would save money.  I haven’t figured out how to measure the dust left over at the end of the bottle so that I can go the 31 days.  Much like the PPO, I have a primary care physician, who I have struggled to connect with.  It’s not clear they are allowed to take the time to understand the patient’s needs, and so it’s hard to really connect.  If you have issues, they make some resources available, but it’s like you’re a football and the object is to get you in some other court.

The VA’s emergency room is also a point of contention.  A few months ago, I suffered a fairly minor stroke.  It took more than 20 hours over a 3 day spread to see the DOCTOR in the Emergency Room.  If you don’t come in from an ambulance, it’s not clear that you will make it past triage.  After seeing the doctor, I was admitted, and I was run through a battery of tests, but getting over the doorstep is challenging. I consider this a preview of Obamacare.

So what do I think would make a difference in health care.  Well, I think the first thing is to get the decision making back in the hands of the patient.  Patient participation is key, and one way to do that is to setup long term health care savings accounts where the contributions made in year one are allowed to roll over year to year and in fact to draw interest.  Patients would be required to pay office visits and deductibles and insurance would cover the major medical costs.  This would allow patients to reward themselves by saving money on unneeded office visits.  Insurance costs could be lower, because the deductibles could be higher with no impact to the patient.

States should have a general “group” which allows the self employed a group to join to help share and lower costs.  Currently, if you aren’t offered a plan through an employer, it’s nearly impossible to get a plan if you are over weight, have diabetes, high blood pressure or other preexisting condition.  This would immediately open doors for many Americans who currently don’t have medical care.

One thing is for certain, medical reform is desperately needed, and Obamacare isn’t the solution.


The Evil of Big Oil

I got into a rather interesting discussion over the weekend with a very left leaning friend.  When we get together, it’s always interesting, and I feel a bit of remorse for winding him up and then leaving his wife to deal with him.  This weekend we both met for our high school reunion, and not being willing to let an opportunity pass for winding him up, we spent a few minutes discussing politics.

First let me be clear, he and I are great friends and we both respect the right of the other to hold differing opinions.  We discuss topics on their merits and never take a course of personal assault or character assassination.  He’s one of the few who stays on the topic to discuss merits and for that I highly respect him.

The big topic this weekend were the insane profits of big oil.  We all know the price of gasoline is painfully high, and his take is that we should stop giving tax breaks and incentives to big oil, as there is more than enough in their profits to pay their own way.  On the surface, I think most people feel the same way, but then he’d like to limit how much profit they can make, and that’s where he and I diverge in opinions.

We didn’t solve this problem over the weekend, but it has caused me to reflect on the discussion and wonder who is really winning when a company like Exxon Mobile makes a profit.  My first answer is the stock holders, and it would appear they are.  Of course the stockholders are largely made up from institutional buyers who manage retirement and other “funds”.  In Exxon’s case, almost 50% of the 4.71B shares are held by institutional mutual fund buyers.

One such institutional buyer is the Vangard Group.  The Vanguard Group is a management group who manages more than 1.6T dollars for 401K, IRA and Mutual Fund investors.  I don’t know if Vanguard is required to share how many aggregate investors they have, but I would have to say, I suspect it’s a lot since they are managing 1.7T dollars.  The individual investors are people you know, they probably live on your street, in your town and they too are investing in their retirement.  When Exxon makes a profit, so do the individual investors!

In short, when corporations make profits our economy wins.  The corporation buys “stuff” and it hires people.  People spend money and that keeps your local economy working from the grocery store to the dry cleaners, they all benefit.  The state and federal government wins, because they pay taxes along the supply and distribution supply lines.  The supply and demand market works the best when there is little interference from the government.  Throughout history, they have tried to rig the game, and usually it opens doors like the Fanny and Freddy debacle which just end up making it worse for all of us.



Another Great Bill Whittle production

It’s titled “Generations”, and discusses the sad state of education in our country.  Bill and I are roughly the same age, that very well might be the reason I have come to respect his opinions.  I guess they just resonate with me.  In our day, we were at the cusp of real technology, the transistor.  Yep, the transistor.  I remember when you bought AM/FM radios, and their main selling point was how many transistors they utilized.

I bet if you asked an average kid today what a transistor was he’d look back at you like a deer in the headlights.  How many would know the transistor was a replacement for the fragile vacuum tube which consumed large quantities of power to heat their filaments?  In a nutshell, vacuum tubes would require huge batteries just to warm the tubes to operating temperature.  The transistor or bipolar point contact transistor was invented in 1947 by three Bell Labs scientists; Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley who later went on to win the Nobel Prize in Physics.

About that same time, aerospace was getting a kick in the pants by Chuck Yeager who took the Bell X-1 through the sound barrier.  It was this achievement that really accelerated aeronautics and shortly later the space race.  Kids back then were encouraged to learn science and engineering instead of what the education system does now in teaching that engineers and scientists are wrecking the world and causing global warming.  I realize that’s a bit of an over simplification, but I’ve seen the movies that teach about factories being the evil polluter and the gas companies being evil because they are getting filthy rich while destroying the planet.  I find it funny that Conoco is running an add to debunk the myth.

In Bill’s and my day, we were encouraged to learn about everything, to reach beyond ourselves on a Star Trek like mission to “explore strange new worlds”.  Maybe growing up in an era where the race to space was nearly always televised on TV and the entire world watched as Neil Armstrong bounced to the surface of the moon was the driving force for schools and parents to prepare us for the world.

Today, it’s sad to say that our education system is producing an entire generation who thinks that when they graduate they will be gifted the SUV, boat and jet skis along with a 2500 square foot house.  Our generation worked for the toys, but today’s generation thinks they have been cheated out of it.


Check out Bill at: